Sunday, April 8, 2007

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Precipice is an online magazine that understands itself to be about "the interaction between our present and emerging postmodern society, and the present and emerging Kingdom of God." Lately the religious right has been getting a spanking from these folks, which is both interesting and gratifying since its senior editor has emerged from Vineyard churches in Canada. In the current issue, members of the religious right are taken out to the woodshed for the way in which they insist irrationally in the primacy of Scripture - read objectively, of course. Says our writer: "One particular trend I’ve picked up while reading feedback to various articles, is the tendency for Christians to say things like “Don’t listen to theologians, read the Bible!”. I came across one such instance this past week. In the feedback section to an article discussing perspectives on Hell, one commentator wrote “Who cares what the Church fathers have to say!? What does the Bible have to say? That’s all that matters.” Talk about missing the point. Isn’t it obvious to people that the reason articles discussing various perspectives on Hell (and other contentious topics) exist, is because there IS NOT a clear, discernable biblical teaching on the issue? "If the Bible- as a stand alone authority- is all we need for discerning truth, then why is there so much disagreement amongst various groups of Christians who all look to the same Bible for answers? Surely, if nothing else, this situation suggests that Church tradition, cultural norms, and personal history, all play a role in determining how we read the Bible. "Of course, in a postmodern world, this is no revelation. Subjectivity is a given. What amazes me is that, so many Christians, still trapped in modern assumptions, go around really believing that it is the Bible alone that shapes their entire worldview. Subjectivity happens. Let's be honest about it." Check it out -

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